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How To Write Upcycled Furniture Product Descriptions that Sell

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Product descriptions are a vital part of your eCommerce store. They're how you convince customers to buy what you're selling.

In our latest blog post, we share the elements that make up a strong product description and how you can use them to sell more effectively.

Create Some Magic

So, how do you create some magic in your product descriptions?

It's simple: use descriptive words to create a picture in the mind of the reader. Use words that are evocative and emotional. You want them to feel something when they read it—whether it's excitement or desire, or just pure joy!

So, for example, try going from this:

"This Queen Anne chair has been reupholstered in blue velvet, and the framework has been cleaned and polished."

To this:

This beautifully regal Queen Anne chair has been reupholstered in the most luxurious midnight blue velvet, whilst the original oak frame has been cleaned, polished and brought back to life with layers of wax polish.

This chair will look stunning in your bedroom with a gorgeous throw or perhaps a cushion or two. It'll be the perfect place to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book."

Be Accurate, Authentic and Inspiring

  • Be Inspiring. You can make your readers feel excited about buying your product if you write a great description that sounds like it was written by someone who loves their work and knows what they're talking about.

  • If you're writing about a sideboard, for example, think about what would inspire you to buy it. And then write with honesty and enthusiasm!

  • Include lyrical and descriptive words, as well as the facts.

  • Be clear. Your descriptions should be as clear as possible so that potential buyers know exactly what they're getting when they purchase your products or services. And that includes, to some extent, any "historical signs of age" and anything that makes it less than perfect. You can always turn something into a positive rather than try to hide a blemish.

Grammar and Spelling Are A Reflection On You And Your Work

Whilst there is no perfect way to write, the best writers try to use correct grammar and spelling to make their writing easily readable by others.

Using capitalization and punctuation correctly is another important aspect of effective writing.

Suppose you don't include full stops, commas or other punctuation where needed (particularly apostrophes).

In that case, it can be difficult for a reader to understand what exactly is being said within each sentence.

Remember, you're trying to tell a story, so you need your reader to absorb your words as if you were talking to them.

And that's often a good guide for when and where to use punctuation… say the words out loud and listen to when you pause, and then you'll know when to add a comma or a full stop.

Finally, making sure that everything makes sense grammatically by systematically checking each sentence before publishing will ensure that readers don't get confused. A confused shopper never buys.

Pay special attention and make sure nothing was left out, or added, accidentally.

Ask someone else to read it, or leave it for a few hours, and then come back and re-read your description until you're 100% confident it's accurate.

Then, and only then, should you publish

Grammar and spelling matter. Period.

Put The Piece In Your Customers Home

One of the most important things to keep in mind while writing product descriptions is to paint a picture of what it might look like in your customer's home. You could also include an idea of how they might use and/or display it.

This can be done by using words that make them feel good about buying it and by giving them visual clues about where they might put their new purchase.

For example, "This cabinet would look wonderful in your hall with some family photos and a statement lamp on top".

If you can make a customer imagine themselves living with your product, you've done well and probably made a sale.

For example: "Imagine waking up every day to the beautiful summer colours of the floral design. It will bring some much-needed sunshine to a dark winter's morning..." Or "Imagine pulling up to your house after a long day and knowing you'll be kicking back with a pre-dinner cocktail made at your new "in house" cocktail bar..."

A picture paints a thousand words.

Or so they say...

Your beautifully crafted product, and your wonderfully lyrical and expressive description, deserve a supporting picture or two (at least) to complement them.

In the wonderful world of eCommerce, these two go hand in hand, and one can make or break the other. So, make sure your product photos match the high standards you've set for your business.

For top tips on taking the best photos, read our interview with the queen of product styling and staging Judy Whalen - The furniture artist's, artist.

I hope these tips have helped you to create some fantastic product descriptions. The key is to make sure that the customer knows what they are getting and why it will benefit them, but do it in a wonderfully descriptive and persuasive way.

If you can do this well, then your product descriptions will be able to sell themselves!

And, if you aren't into words, descriptions, writing, spelling, or grammar, or you just don't have the time, our resident copywriter, Susan Ruth (aka Ruth), offers a range of services and great rates for all members of The Furniture Artist's Collective.

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