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101 Ways to Upcycle Vintage Stag Furniture

Updated: Jan 27

From the artsy to the elegant to the wildly different, you’re in for a visual feast.

This is no ordinary blog.

It’s a vintage Stag Furniture upcycling extravaganza brought to life by our fabulously talented members at the Furniture Artists Collective.

Whether you're a pro with a paintbrush looking for a dash of inspiration or a vintage homestyle enthusiast with a heart full of love for Stag Furniture, you’re in the right place.

 We're about to shed some light on why this Mid-Century Modern classic continues to steal the show.

But hold your horses (or should I say stags)…

Maybe you're new to the Stag scene or haven't the faintest idea what we're talking about. So, let's clarify things.


I'm not talking about the majestic woodland-dwelling creatures (although they're cool, too; stay tuned for that). No, I'm referring to the style icon that lit up British retail from the swinging '50s to the rad '70s - Stag Furniture!


We've woven in some delightful and inspiring pieces throughout this article that may just leave you craving an upcycled vintage Stag furniture piece to call your own.

A Brief History of Stag Furniture

So, let's begin with the curious case of the ever-shifting brand image of Stag Furniture.

Stag has worn many hats, flirting with both avant-garde and, dare I say it, sometimes boring aesthetics.

Yes, in its long and chequered career as a style icon, Stag has managed to evoke affection and disdain in equal measure at different points in its history.

Opinions on Stag might be as diverse as your go-to playlist, but we're not ones to shy away from a bit of drama.


Stag Furniture finds itself at the crossroads of designer craftsmanship and mass production, earning a fair share of side-eye from the purists, and still manages to divide opinions today.

"You can't talk about Stag Furniture in the same breath as the mid-century design Gods!" (Reddit contributor)

But hold on. Isn't there more to this story?

Sure, Stag did churn out furniture like it was on a mass-market mission. But the winning combination of design values and the decision to use fine woods like walnut, oak, teak, and mahoganies in the construction made it quality stuff.

Take the C-Range chest of drawers, for example, the first contribution from husband-and-wife design team John and Sylvia Reid.

There's no doubt that although it took a minute to catch on, it was conceived and constructed with all the precision, engineering, and sleekness of a Formula One racing car!

Design values of that standard also give us a fascinating glimpse into the thought process of mid-century furniture designers and manufacturers uniting to ride the wave of market demand.

The Enduring Appeal of Vintage Stag Furniture: Upcycled

While we're not claiming that Stag furniture rivals the Danish masters, its modern-day popularity can be attributed, in part, to its robust, chic, and compact nature. Its suitability for the slightly smaller dimensions of the modern home has no doubt contributed to its enduring appeal.

Full transparency: I have a soft spot for Stag, not just because it was my bread and butter during my full-time furniture painting days. A good chunk of it hails from my hometown, Nottingham, making it not just sustainable but also locally sourced, adding a dash of hometown pride to the mix!

As we stroll through Stag's history, here's a sprinkling of well-known and some under-the-radar facts about Vintage Stag furniture:

  • There's a lively Reddit thread and several Facebook groups dedicated to

  • The Minstrel Range you might remember from every cool '70s bedroom room was, in fact, an upgrade from the less applauded Madrigal range.

  •      While Stag first burst onto the mass market scene in 1953, by 1957 the C range was grossing more than £500,000 a year!



And here's a whimsical claim to boggle the mind:

Word is that a quarter of Britons have, at some point, cosied up to a piece of Stag furniture.

Now, while we can't whip out a historical receipt for every household, let's just say it's either a quirky fact or blooming fantastic marketing.

Vintage Stag: Upcycled

Now that we've set the stage with a brief history let's explore the imaginative worlds of just a few of the artists at the Furniture Artists Collective.


It’s fair to say that if you take 101 artists, you'll get 101 distinct pieces of  Stag furniture  - UPCYCLED.


While we might not have space in this blog to show you all 101+ variations, we will give you a glimpse into the artsy wonderland where our members have sprinkled their individual magic and added their unique flair to an MCM staple.

Take, for example, these two totally different interpretations of a vintage Stag dressing table....

Two different artists with two different looks, but both are borne from the canvas of a beautifully designed piece of furniture.

With a canvas brimming with opportunities for creativity, it's clear why Stag Furniture and Upcycling are a match made in design heaven.

The clean simplicity of its lines and the quality of materials make vintage Stag furniture prime candidates for jaw-dropping creative transformations.

Where to Snag Some Vintage Stag

If the Stag fever has got you buzzing, you're in for a treat! We've got a treasure trove of Stag chests of drawers, sideboards, dressing tables, wardrobes, and vanities in the shop just waiting to brighten your space.

Whether you're on the hunt for a new Stag addition or eager to transform what you already have, dive into the creativity of our individual artists and members mentioned in this article. Connect with them directly, or swing by the shop page for an extra shot of inspiration.

 Stag Furniture: What’s in a Name?

And here we are, rounding off our Stag adventure, heading back to where it all kicked off...

You might recall at the start of this blog, I playfully hinted at the distinction between the Stag as a deer and Stag vintage furniture. But, I might have steered you off course just a tad.

Little did I know before researching the Stag Furniture brand that the name "Stag" wasn't a random choice. The brand deliberately chose it to craft a narrative that resonated with what the furniture stood for - strength and timeless beauty.


On a side note, as a marketing professional and mid-century enthusiast, I'd have relished being a fly on the wall in that boardroom. Dreaming up a name for furniture designed to endure and drawing parallels with the noble Stag meandering through the forest. It’s more than a great marketing story. It's almost like crafting the plot for a vintage design epic.

The Legacy of Stag Furniture for Upcyclers and Furniture Artists

So there you have it, the lowdown on Stag furniture, where artistry meets design, and mid-century charm gets a modern-day encore.


Honest-to-goodness quality always stands the test of time, becoming a playground for inventive reinventions—thanks to these furniture artists and upcyclers.


And with that, we roll the credits on this particular Stag tale.

We hope you've enjoyed the story, glimpsed through the eyes of just a handful of the talented members at the Furniture Artists Collective.

We hope we've given you an entertaining retrospective, exploring the roots of the name Stag and raising a virtual glass to the grace and resilience woven into the brand and its iconic furniture.


All in all, vintage Stag furniture offers upcyclers and artists a perfect combination of classic woods, modern vibes, and artistic ingenuity.


Long may it continue!


Thanks to all the Furniture Artists Collective members featured in this blog.

The last word goes to them so feast your eyes and whet your appetite with more possibilities of vintage Stag: Upcycled!

Classic Stag Bedroom Set styled by Georgina Green at Gracie's Attic

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