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You won't believe what these 13 questions reveal about painted furniture...

Our amazing members? They've got the patience of saints.

Battling trolls on social media is a daily workout, and they handle it as smoothly as they do their craft.

Look up; that's Jen's glorious restoration – an Art Deco dressing table that went from the brink to a stunning rebirth.

This piece was on death row, destined for the dump.

But Jen saved it from oblivion.

Rescued, restored, and brought back to life.

What happened next?

Enter the "Furniture Painting Police."

Yes, they're real, not just a bedtime story.

They patrol, they glare, and they had a bone to pick with our Jen!

Thousands of Facebook reactions and still causing a stir!

So, here's the deal – time to drop some truth bombs. This isn't just a casual paint slap; it's pure wizardry our members are conjuring.

So here's a taster comment for your consideration

POV: "Painting furniture isn't rocket science; you don't need an expert. Anyone can slap a bit of paint on"........




Oh, you think ANY OLD PIECE will do right?


NEWSFLASH: Not all furniture is created equal.

You'll need the instincts of a detective to figure out if that "solid oak" table is the real deal or just a pretender draped in wood's clothing.

And that's just the start!

You'll also need to answer these critical questions

• What's the best piece to upcycle?

• How will you know it's actually SOLID OAK or whatever it's being sold as?

• What are the best makes to invest in and how do you know they're genuine?

• What's the history and provenance of the piece?

• What's a fair market price to pay?

• How you'll check if it's pest-free (and how you'll fix it if it isn't)?

• What's your VISION for the piece and will it work?

• How you'll find the TIME and SPACE to work on it?

And that's BEFORE you get it home and start work.

Now you're at the EXCITING BIT.

  • Do you have the right tools, equipment, and safety gear?

  • What about sanding (using the correct grades of paper in the correct order), scraping, re-sanding, filling holes, drying, blocking, taping, and glueing?

  • And what about sealing it properly?

  • And then the right paint, or paper, to use, sourcing new hardware, hinges, new shelves, new glass, new back, new legs, lighting, new wiring. And on and on….


Painting furniture is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

All you need to launch a rocket is to ensure there are enough propellants so that the thrust, pushing the rocket up, is greater than the force of gravity pulling the rocket down.

By comparison, rocket science is a piece of cake!

So, next time you BALK at the thought of spending money on "second-hand furniture", try rephrasing the question.

What would an utterly unique piece of furniture art tailored exclusively for your home be worth to you?

We stand strong behind the unsung heroes of creativity and sustainability.

And we wholeheartedly champion and celebrate our artisans.

Degrees in rocket science?

Nah, not our thing.

We thrive on passion, vision, and the determination to transform your abandoned treasures into cherished heirlooms.

We're not rocket scientists, but we are reshaping realities.

One upcycled, breathtakingly reborn piece at a time.

Like what you see?

Then may we ask you a favour?

Click on your favourite image and go give a like or a follow and show your support for our amazing artisans.

They'd love it if you did.

Thank you XX

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