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Furniture Artist in the Spotlight: Andi Gregg Art

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Explore the Harmony of Nature and Home with Andi Gregg - Watercolourist, Upcycler, & Furniture Artist

a women furniture painter holding a paintbrush painting a dressing table
Andi Gregg: Furniture Artist, Watercolourist, Designer

Welcome to the world of Andi Gregg, where creativity and upcycling come alive in the tranquil landscapes of rural Lincolnshire. With a delicate touch, Andi transforms vintage furniture into captivating pieces of art that inspire and enchant.

Influenced by nature's beauty, Andi uses her skills as a watercolourist to create designs that blend seamlessly with functional furniture. Join us as we explore Andi's world, uncovering her deep bond with nature, inventive furniture designs, recent ventures in interior styling, and her contribution to the upcycling movement.

Harmonising Nature and Upcycled Furniture

Since 2015, Andi Gregg has been on a creative path that bridges the gap between the natural world and home interiors.

Her mission? To breathe fresh life into time-worn furniture by infusing vintage and heirloom pieces with the organic intricacies and shades of the outdoors.

Andi transforms furniture into a canvas teaming with flora and fauna, resulting in unique creations that fuse art with functionality.

Her evolution from fine art to furniture design is like witnessing an artist's canvas expand to encompass an entire room.

Watercolour Dreams and Unique Creations

"I do love that starting point, that first little seed of a blossoming design. The structure, colour, and textures all rumbling around in my head, becoming reality in my sketch pad."

Andi's artistic soul is evident in her distinctive watercolour technique, with each piece meticulously hand painted.

Every creation tells a unique story of nature's grace, from birds perched or in mid-flight to delicate wildflowers and vibrant blooms.

The seamless fusion of watercolour with practical furniture highlights her talent for combining visual allure and everyday usability, resulting in pieces that stand apart from the ordinary.

Bringing Nature Indoors: The Interiors Collection

Andi's creative vision extends beyond furniture to a brand-new interiors collection. Kicking off with a series of three cushion cover designs featuring her beloved Yellow Wagtails, her goal is to infuse homes with nature's essence.

This shift to interior accents underscores her dedication to crafting holistic living spaces that harmonise with the natural world.

You can see more of Andi's gorgeous cushion covers as she unboxes the first delivery live on Facebook.

Collaborations: Where Art and Upcycled Furniture Design Converge

Andi's creative prowess shines in her collaborations, none more so than her recent partnership with Olga Shevchenko from Olenka Design, known for her fabulous wallpapers and fabrics.

Using one of Olga's designs, Andi is working on a new piece combining decoupage, fabric, furniture, and fine art.

You can follow the unfolding process of this special creation on Andi's Instagram profile.

From Passion to Purpose

"I believe that nature is incredible and should be nurtured in every way possible. The appreciation of all things delicate and free is integral to my brand."

It's clear that Andi's passion is rooted in sustainability. Beyond the brush, her commitment to upcycling and rejuvenating pre-loved furniture reflects her dedication to environmental stewardship.

Each transformed piece carries a legacy destined for a new chapter in a caring home. This mindful approach resonates with those seeking aesthetic beauty and ethical resonance in their living spaces.

In each brushstroke, every wash of colour, there's an invitation to reconnect with the wild, to cherish and celebrate nature's delicate balance that sustains our planet and enriches our lives.

If you’re keen to explore more of Andi's work, she'd love to welcome you to her social media pages and website. Just follow the links below.

Visit her website at Andi Gregg Art

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