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Upcycling Furniture with Elegance: Meet Amy Edwards, Fashion Retail Pro Turned Furniture Artist!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Welcome to our Artist in the Spotlight series, where we introduce you to the brilliant artisans that make up the Furniture Artists Collective.

Today, we turn that spotlight on Amy Edwards - an incredibly talented professional furniture painter hailing from Hampshire.

If there's one thing Amy's passionate about, it's heritage craftsmanship and sustainability.

With her artistic touch, she rejuvenates antique and vintage furniture, crafting timeless pieces that effortlessly blend with modern classic homes.

From Fashion to Furniture

Now, here's something interesting: Amy's journey to furniture refinishing was no ordinary one.

She'd already enjoyed an 18-year career in fashion retail management - quite impressive, right?

But then, fate had a surprise waiting for her during her maternity leave - as destiny led her to the world of preloved furniture transformations.

You might say it was "meant to be"?

With a keen eye for colour and an unwavering dedication to first-class customer service, Amy ensures that her creative process radiates excellence from start to finish.

From Preloved to Reloved

Close to her core is championing the choice of preloved furniture over new. She really means to play a part in preserving the soul of British heritage crafts and letting them shine in today's homes for generations to come!

When it comes to painting techniques, Amy's a wizard with a brush. From sleek contemporary finishes using high-quality furniture paints to playful striped paint techniques on nursery pieces - she's got it all!

But what really sets her heart aflutter is her signature "Time Worn" technique. Imagine clouds of layered paint creating the illusion of soft marbling – pure magic!

Furniture Artistry on a Mission

Collaboration is the name of the game for Amy. She loves teaming up with clients all over the UK and partnering with interior designers to give old furniture a second chance.

No wonder her work has caught the eye of design enthusiasts nationwide, even gracing the pages of English Home Magazine. It's safe to say her artistry is making an impact!

Amy's not just an artist; she's also an ambassador for the fabulous British furniture paint brand Cornish Milk Mineral Paint.

Together, they're on a mission to spread the message of sustainability and eco-friendly products. We love a dynamic duo!

New Finish in the New Forest

And speaking of projects – if you're passing through the New Forest, drop in to "Spot in the Woods" - yup, Amy was involved in the fabulous refurbishment of that popular venue.

Her magic touch helped transform it from a traditional French-inspired eatery to a cosy kitchen café. It's safe to say she's got a knack for bringing dreams to life!

Amy's Vision for a Colourful Future

Amy's dreams are as bold and beautiful as her art. She plans to open her own interiors boutique and workshop where she'll teach others the art of furniture refinishing and infusing colour into their homes.

Talk about a bright future!

Oh, I can feel your curiosity bubbling up - you're dying to see her incredible work, aren't you?

Well, I've got great news for you! You can feast your eyes on her marvellous upcycled furniture creations by heading over to her profile as a current Furniture Artists Collective ambassador - part of our industry partnership with the British Institute of Interior Design.

And while you're still here, you can scroll down to discover a couple of our favourites from her portfolio.

Connect with Amy

Connect with Amy and get inspired by her incredible furniture transformations; maybe you'd love to commission her to make something fabulous just for you!

Follow her on social media for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Amy Edwards is a Southampton-based Furniture artist and Upcycler whose work is characterised by attention to detail and a smooth, timeless finish. In a style aesthetic Amy would describe as Modern Classic, Amy specialises in refinishing classic, period furniture pieces using beautifully applied paint colours or time-worn painting styles to create timeless pieces of furniture for homes throughout the UK.

Amy is also a content creator for the British paint brand Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. This family-run company based in Cornwall, whose ethos is based around heritage and sustainability, are also values close to Amy's heart.

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