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Thinking Outside the Chest of Drawers

As Furniture Artists, we’re all about upcycling, reimagining, sustainability, and the wonderfully creative process we go through when we’re putting heart and soul into a project.

We give our clients so much pleasure when we present them with a beautifully stylish,

sympathetically restored piece of furniture, whether that's off the shelf, or a commission piece we’ve poured every ounce of our being into.

They are truly delighted with what we’ve managed to create from something that was heading for the landfill, and we are delighted for them.

But there are some people who take upcycling to the next level and repurpose pieces in very surprising ways.

You probably know that, when properly treated and finished, a vintage chest of drawers makes a stunning bathroom sink vanity unit. But did you know, they also make spectacularly stylish kitchen sink units?

Following the kitchen trend, again, when properly finished to allow for the change in environment, wardrobes make wonderful pantries, and map drawers are the perfect storage option for cutlery and flat ware.

Bookcases become headboards, shoe racks, kitchen storage, outdoor plant displays, even coffee and dining tables.

Mismatched cupboard doors become useful hook racks, as well as picture frames. Shutters become wall art, (grouped together different doors and shutters make a stunning display up a staircase wall, especially with pictures or photos behind them). Wooden ladders become display units or towel rails.

Headboard and footboards can easily be converted into sofa’s, storage boxes, coat racks, notice/pin boards, mug holders, pet beds….. the list is endless.

Baths become sofas (yes, really),

Wooden dining chairs become garden swings,

I’ve even seen bed springs as wine bottle holders.

I think it’s true to say, certainly when it comes to the incredibly versatile art form, we all love so much, that we are restricted only by our imaginations.

So go for it….. let your imagination soar!

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