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Vintage & Upcycled Furniture: 2023 Trends for Furniture Painters, Designers and Upcyclers

Updated: Apr 19

Nobody has a crystal ball, but those in the know have been telling us what they think will be the significant trends in our 2023 homes and interiors.

1. Overview of home interior trends for 2023

2. Summary of key trend predictions

3. Top Tips for furniture painters and designers

And the big news is……. vintage furniture is poised to be even bigger and will continue to drive massive increases in “ethical” sales, year on year, for the next few years.

“Sustainability” continues to be a critical factor in many purchase decisions, whether for transport, clothes, or furniture. And the good news is that more and more people are choosing this lifestyle.

Not just because of the environmental aspect but also because now, more than ever, we are exploring our individuality and actively daring to be different.

As a result, we are moving away from formulaic, mass-produced, bland pieces with no personality and investing our money in more artistic pieces that better fit our personalities and lifestyles.

We all know that a piece of furniture, previously destined for a landfill, will grace some lucky interior for many years to come once it has been lovingly restored, given a new lease of life and a new purpose.

Now, the rest of the world is catching on too. And that can only be good news for the furniture upcycling industry.

Summary of Key Trend Predictions

· Much more use of a soft, neutral, calming palette. Think cashmere, creams, soft whites, sunset in the desert, terracotta, stone, and pebbles on the beach.

· Setting off the neutral tones with pops of colour and pattern with a particular mention of Art Deco and nature: birds, foliage, botanicals, etc.

· Wood in all its forms, whether exposed beams, pine benches, stripped-back kitchen tables or rattan/basket weave. It’s all about bringing some calm to our homes.

· Accessories in the form of lights, lamps, cushions, mirrors, and the like are all slightly oversized and exaggerated.

· Warmer metals like bronzes and burnished golds are set to replace chrome in hardware and accent colours.

· Speaking of accessories, vintage pictures, ornaments, frames, candlesticks, tea-light holders, sculpture, and other home décor are also making a resurgence. All great choices for expanding your product range and increasing your AOV, which in turn hugely impacts your income.

· Curves are back, whether that’s a softer-shaped sofa, a round rug or cushion or some gorgeous curtain tie backs… it’s all about creating a softness.

To sum up, what we’re looking to create in our homes in 2023, is a calming, soft, and inviting interior, with conversation pieces of vintage, retro, repurposed furniture that is ethically sourced and revamped.

With the occasional pop of colour, pattern, and texture added for interest and dimension, this lovely eclectic interior sounds contemporary without being overtly “modern”.

Perfect keywords for 2023 are: comfortable, stylish, soft, welcoming, light, airy, texture, laidback, organic, neutral, easy living.

Put another way, in terms of The Furniture Artists Collective, there’s something for everyone to get excited and motivated about.

Top tips to help you get the best from these predictions

· Keep banging the sustainability/ethical purchase drum. It should be visible in all your communication if that’s what your customer cares about.

· Build a network of trusted suppliers and make sure you’re in the right place at the right time to snap up any suitable pieces. House clearance professionals, thrift stores, charity shops, and second-hand stores are great places to build relationships.

· Always be mindful of what is selling. The no.1 consideration in business is that the work must sell. You’re not alone, we’ll help you with this. We research and collate sold pieces on Etsy every 2 months which is a fantastic and underused barometer of taste.

· From the end of December, we will publish our in-house sales analysis which will help you make better-informed decisions about your own designs.

And what of our prediction for 2023?

With the website in full swing, promoting sustainable living and driving even more traffic to your websites, and more special guests booked for the new year, it’s going to be spectacular for our wonderfully talented group of furniture artists.

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