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Upcycling United: Join the Conversation on Eco-Friendly Home Interiors

Updated: Aug 14

Embracing Unity and Innovation in the upcycled furniture, home decor, and interior design industry.

12 women Members of the furniture Artists collective at a painting workshop sitting around a large table full of paint and their projects
Members of the Furniture Artists Collective at a creative finish workshop day

Hey there, upcyclers, furniture painters, crafters, and design enthusiasts!

We're absolutely thrilled to announce our industry partnership with the prestigious British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

This is another significant step forward for all of us who work passionately in this arena!

Not only does it open up a whole new world of possibilities and adventures, but it also reflects the changing dynamics between upcycling and interior design.

Previously, the two fields may not have always seen eye to eye, but times are definitely changing.

The House of Upcycling blazed the trail, becoming the first from the refinishing world to work with the BIID as an industry partner.

Their work has had a profound impact on how the upcycling industry is perceived in the world of interior design.

We firmly believe that change happens when we join forces and work together. The recognition and awareness that upcycling now receives is a testament to how seriously we take our mission and craft. It's an exciting time, and we can't wait to see where this partnership takes us!

A big part of our mission is to promote and celebrate the art of upcycled furniture, and we believe that working together can bring about positive change and growth for all.

Celebrating Diversity and Individuality:

At the Furniture Artists Collective, we live and breathe creativity in all its shades and hues.

Our collective is a vibrant kaleidoscope of possibilities, showcasing a huge variety of styles and skills contributed by our member artists and designers.

As a united group of artists, each member brings something special to the table, and our mission is to celebrate their individuality while fostering a culture of purpose and innovation.

The Spotlight Swirls:

Here's the scoop on our plan to bring you as many different home décor ideas as we possibly can!

We've got something exciting up our sleeves to make sure every member gets an opportunity to share their work and creativity.

Every quarter, we'll highlight a different group of members, showcasing their creations on the BIID website.

Our focus is on unity and supporting one another as we cheer on our fellow artists and designers both within the collective and across the upcycling industry as a whole.

Sustainable Style Sensation:

Home design with a conscience that's our mantra!

We're eco-warriors with an eye for style, and our collaboration with the BIID gives us another fantastic stage to promote the necessity and the sheer brilliance of upcycled and refinished furniture and home décor.

Together, we aim to play our part and inspire more people to embrace eco-conscious choices without compromising on style or sophistication.

Who knew that saving the planet could look this fabulous?

Upstyling: The Revolution

Hold on tight because upstyling is set to revolutionise the home interiors industry, and together with our colleagues and industry peers, we're right at the heart of this creative storm!

Our passionate artists, crafters, and designers are ready to contribute to the world of interior design.

Because we believe that upcycling goes beyond just a passing trend, it's the only choice for those who crave soulful designs and sustainable magic.

So, wave goodbye to mass-produced decor and welcome bespoke, eco-conscious artistry that weaves a story with every stroke of the brush.

The Power of Unity:

When we come together as a collective, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

.We're more than just a group of artists; we're a united force of creativity and innovation.

As we continue to develop this industry partnership with the BIID, we become each other's biggest cheerleaders, lifting one another to new heights.

Because when talent, purpose, and genuine friendship come together, extraordinary things can happen.

Stay inspired:

Stay tuned to our blog and social media pages as we delve deeper into introducing the individual artists within the Furniture Artists Collective and share behind-the-scenes stories of our exciting collaboration with BIID!

Whether you're looking to connect with a furniture artist, upcycler, or designer, or you're an industry professional yourself, we're looking forward to sharing the magic of upcycling with all of you!

See us over at the British Institute of Interior Design HERE.

If you're loving what you're seeing, you can easily connect with any of the furniture artists and designers featured in this blog by visiting our shop page for beautifully refinished vintage furniture and home decor or by simply following the links below.

Georgina Green - Gracie’s Attic (Yorkshire)

Claire Hill - The Furniture Restylist (Somerset)

Sandy LaCassa North - Granola Girl Treasures (Florida)

Janette McKay - McKay Designs (Merseyside)

Donna Jones - Boho Bard (Warwickshire)

Georgina Goldsmith - Upstyled by GG (Pembrokeshire)

Laura Hodgson - Finn Interiors (Nottinghamshire)

Amy Edwards - Amy Edwards Home (Hampshire)

Jen Parkinson - Thirteen Furniture (Lancashire)

Michelle Davidson - One of a Kind Designs (East Kilbride)

Sharon Rudd - Boscastle Road (Monmouthshire)

Michelle Aston - Michelle Aston Designs (West Sussex)

Linda Webb Jenkins - Cricket Hollow Studios (Florida)

and the workshop day image is courtesy of Charlotte Williams - Not Too Shabby by Charlotte (Derbyshire)

Join the Movement!

The Furniture Artists Collective is an inspiring community of independent creatives and skilled artisans united by their love for innovative and sustainable furniture and home decor.

We stand firmly behind businesses that share our core values and actively work to foster their growth within the industry.

Our mission is to shape the future of furniture and home decor by promoting eco-friendly practices and celebrating the beauty of sustainable design. Together, we breathe new life into cherished family heirlooms and vintage finds through the art of upcycling and restoration.

Be part of our inspiring journey and subscribe to our blog for the latest updates, trends, and stories that fuel creativity and sustainability in the world of home interiors.

Visit Our Directory of Artisans here... Connect with talented furniture artists near you, and support their passion for creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

Explore our Shop Page. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite refinished furniture and artisan home decor - handcrafted with love.

Calling All Furniture Artists, Upcyclers, Designers, and Hand-made Home Decor Professionals!

Find out how you can collaborate with us and expand your creative horizons. here...

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