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So, You're a Furniture Painter, Why Should I Buy From You?

Updated: Jan 27

You create stunning and unique pieces. In fact, you're so good at what you do you're making money doing it. But have you thought seriously about why a customer should buy from you? Even better, why might a customer actively seek out you and your work?

Well, here are some things that potential customers will be looking for in an upcycled furniture seller.

Are you a Trustworthy, Reputable Dealer?

Of course, you are but can your customer see that in seconds of landing on your upcycled furniture site? Online shoppers are becoming incredibly security savvy, and not just in terms of avoiding spam and dodgy links.

An incredible 95%* of customers read reviews before buying. So, for every 10 people who see your products, 9+ will be looking for reviews or recommendations.

(This is why we are so passionate about showing you how to seek out and build those crucial post-sales reviews. They tell future customers how beautiful your furniture art is, how easy it is to work with you, and how great your after-sales care is, all from an impartial source!). So, it's a no-brainer; you need a healthy track record of reviews.

They don't all have to be amazing but there does need to be evidence that if something hasn't gone according to plan, you've taken swift action to put it right.

Bear in mind you can't build trust with a bunch of marketing fluff or by saying one thing and doing another. You must be consistent in your messaging and follow those up with actions, so customers know what to expect from you and your work.

Your Upstyled Furniture is Created with Love

The care and attention you give each of your creations must shine through. So, in all your content, talk about the high standards you set yourself, the high-quality materials you use, and just how proud you are of your work.

Support this with a great piece of cornerstone content on your website or Google Business Profile - backed by evidence. (If you need any help, contact our pro-copywriter, Susan Ruth), and always make sure you are doing yourself and your work justice with some fantastic staging and photography.Judy at Thrive furniture Staging and More, has some fabulous ideas.... read her interview and top tips for great photos here.

Judy is a consultant on the team here at The Furniture Artist’s Collective, or find her on Facebook here

Good Value for Money

Value for money is vital to everyone these days, but that doesn't mean you have to sell items cheaper than everyone else, far from it. The key word here is "VALUE".

Customers need to feel that you value them. This is as important as your buyer receiving value for money in terms of the vintage furniture they have just bought.

This is an excellent opportunity to add value over and above your customer's expectations.

Surprise and Delight

Think outside the box and include things in your aftercare package that others haven't. For example, a written piece on the history of a vintage cabinet or a coupon linked to a lead capture to use on repeat purchases.

Customer Experience and After-Sales Care

Customer service is not just about the sale of a piece of furniture. It's about the way you make your customer feel.

If you think about the best customer service you've ever received, it is likely to be one of two things.

Either something went wrong, and the person/company went over and above to put it right, or something you weren't expecting was included.

That could be as simple as a follow-up telephone call or someone going out of their way to make your experience special, for example, a complimentary glass of fizz at your favourite restaurant.

Great customer service isn't always obvious, but your customer will know when it's done well. It can take many forms but basically boils down to making sure your buyers feel valued with every step of their journey with you and your furniture painting business.

There are many, many reasons people buy from certain brands, shops, and suppliers. Some of these are obvious: the right product, price, quality, habit, and marketing, to name a few. However, some reasons are not so obvious, like emotional connection, trust, and gut instinct.

But one thing is for sure, people will NOT buy from someone they don't trust.

You don't have to have a huge marketing budget to successfully inspire customers to trust and buy from you. but you do need to take the time to connect with your buyers and start building up those reviews so everyone can see what others already know…. Just how fantastic your work is.

If you’d like to know more, check out our flagship pro-furniture painters’ membership – TFAC: Game Changers - for more insider tips on post-sales reviews….and much more

Sources: The statistic *95% of customers read reviews before buying was first published in a report by brand rated January 2022

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