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How to Effortlessly Enhance Your Bedroom Design with Vintage Upcycled Furniture

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Vintage Bedroom Decor Secrets Every Eco-Conscious Consumer Needs to Know - part one of two

Suite dreams, lights out, and other stories?

Before we get going, I would like to share with you my credentials for writing this blog.

Back in my early 20’s, during what I like to call my “discovery years”, I slept in well over 500 bedrooms. Believe me; I have been in just about every style of bedroom there is. I’ve had some truly memorable nights for all the right reasons and some equally memorable nights for all the wrong ones.

But here’s the juicy part, I was paid to do it!

This opens up the potential for a series of blogs about a totally different business and a completely different audience.

So, before you start wondering if you're in the wrong place, let me set the record straight.

It’s nowhere near as risqué as it sounds.

I used to work in the hotel industry, where I sold bedrooms, so I had to sample what I was offering.

I’ve been privileged to stay in some of the most glamorous 5-star hotels the UK has to offer, and unfortunately, enough to stay in some real dives.

(I once stayed in a bedroom where that toilet had been fitted into one side of the wardrobe….. I kid you not!)

So, take it from me—I know my stuff when it comes to bedrooms. From posh palaces to questionable pits, I've seen it all.

And I can honestly say a thoughtfully designed bedroom that blends functionality and style can work wonders for your beauty sleep.

Believe me, waking up on the right side of the bed is not just an old wives' tale!

Okay, now that’s cleared up, let’s move on.

. If you follow the furniture artists collective, you’ll know I like to kick off my blogs with a sprinkle of research.

This time I was intrigued to understand why a bed is called a bed.

Well, I can tell you the word bed comes from a Germanic word meaning “to dig”.

Apparently, our ancestors used to dig their beds (and I don’t mean “dig” as in appreciate, I mean “dig” as in creating a hole in the ground), and it's where “flower beds” get their name.

And get this - the first mattress was invented about 77,000 years ago and was made from layers of plant vegetation.

No such thing as Memory Foam in those days, I’m guessing.

Anyway, back on point.

Tip 1: Vintage-Inspired Bedroom Design Essentials

Let's talk about the one room in your house where you can truly let your imagination run wild—your bedroom.

But so often, our bedrooms are relegated to the “round-to-it” category. We stick a bedframe, mattress, wardrobe, chest of drawers and mirror in there and never really give it the care and attention it deserves.

So, if you’re tired of coming home to a lack-lustre bedroom, let’s take charge, make your bedroom a priority, and turn it into the vintage-inspired sanctuary you deserve.

Now, I won’t sugar coat it; furnishing a bedroom with luxury yet eco-friendly pieces can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and clever tricks, you can create an eco-conscious space that’s both functional and stylish.

Tip 2: Choose Your Vintage Bedroom Theme

We’re talking about finding the perfect theme to help you choose the right upcycled and refinished furniture pieces, and there are plenty of things to consider.

Below, we've rounded up an array of inspiring ideas just for you. We’ve included lots of examples of vintage upcycled furniture pieces from some of the fabulous artists in the furniture artists collective because we believe that art and design go hand in hand.

You'll find a curated mix of beautifully stylised masterpieces that can set the tone for your entire interior. And if you're craving something a little more understated, we've catered for that too.

Sometimes, a touch of subtlety can create the perfect contrast in your bedroom oasis.

So, before we dive into the mesmerizing world of bedroom design, let's first figure out what kind of dreamscape you want to create.

Are you leaning towards sleek Mid-Century Scandi vibes with clean lines and an airy feel?

And what about the allure of French boudoir design, complete with bold hues, sumptuous fabrics, and a bed fit for royalty?

Or perhaps your heart craves a boho wonderland bursting with vibrant colours, textures, and eclectic accents.

Talking of boho, If you're captivated by boho chic, immerse yourself in the exquisite work of Charlotte Williams from Not Too Shabby by Charlotte.

Her versatility as a commission furniture artist is evident in every piece she creates. Take a glimpse at this recently customised bedroom staple, meticulously designed in close consultation with the customer, showcasing her skill and attention to detail.

A powder blue two drawer bedside cabinet in a boho chic style

So, my fellow dream-weavers, transform your bedroom into a personal haven that reflects your unique style and sets the stage for countless nights of blissful slumber.

Get ready to dream big and sleep even better!

Tip 3: Envision How You Plan to Use Your Vintage-Inspired Bedroom

Is your newly designed bedroom going to be a tranquil oasis solely dedicated to restful sleep?

Or do you crave a versatile haven that accommodates various activities like unwinding, reading, writing, meditating, practising yoga, or even setting up a mini office?

If the latter resonates with you, it's essential to ensure that your bedroom provides ample space and is equipped with the right furniture and accessories to meet these diverse needs.

Let's help you create a sanctuary that not only promotes peaceful slumber but also nurtures your other interests and provides a multifunctional space for you to embrace your passions.

Tip 4: Make Your Dream Bedroom Your Own

Now let’s tap into your personal style.

What are absolute “must haves?”.

Do you want a cosy seating area where you can curl up with a good book?

Are bookshelves a non-negotiable part of your vision?

And what about the technology dilemma—will you be embracing a TV in your sacred space or banishing all things AV?

Oh, and power points! Don't overlook the importance of having them strategically placed for your charging needs.

And hey, if you have an ensuite attached to your bedroom, why not consider styling it in harmony with your chosen theme?

Cohesion is key, people!

Once you’ve settled on your theme and what pieces you are going to include, how about picking something as a focal point and working around that?

Something bold, Avant Garde, striking in its design or its simplicity that you can work the rest of your interior around.

Vintage Bedroom Furniture: Styles and Inspiration

Let’s tantalise your imagination with two radically different takes on vintage upstyled chests of drawers.

Do you prefer the classic elegance and symmetry of this pair of minimalist bedside tables by Georgina Green at Gracie's Attic?

Or, are you seduced by the opulence and grandeur of the French Louis XV style, like this pair of bedside cabinets upstyled by furniture artist Donna Jones at Boho Bard?

Now, close your eyes and envision either of these pieces with a turn-of-the-century tallboy dresser like this beautifully refurbished by Jen Parkinson at Thirteen Furniture.

Can you feel the energy oozing from this combo?

Both styles work but produce a completely different vibe.

It’s all about finding that perfect balance and creating a cohesive visual story by introducing the right vintage bespoke creations and finds.

Vintage Bedroom Storage Ideas

The simple chest of drawers is the furniture workhorse of the home and really comes into its own in the bedroom.

There are countless options. In fact, we were so enamoured by their charm that we dedicated a whole blog post to explore them (check it out here)

But today, I want to showcase a couple of imaginatively upcycled vintage pieces that will leave you breathless.

The first is by Donna Jones at Boho Bard and the second is by Issy Tidmarash at Little Gecko Interiors

a tallboy 5 graduated drawers dresser chest of drawers with an all encompassing bold floral motif
Vintage Floral Motif Dresser by Donna Jones at Boho Bard

a two over three drawer dresser decoupaged in a cheetah design
Vintage "Cheetah" Chest of Drawers by Issy Tidmarsh at Little Gecko Interiors

Who knew vintage furniture could be so bold, daring and unique?

By contrast, the next two pieces offer something calmingly neutral and understated to offset a “showier” piece.

Take for example, this pair of traditional farmhouse-style upcycled pine bedsides by Rebecca Meredith at Upcycled by M.

a pair of pine bedsides painted blue with chrome cup handles
Pair of upcycled farmhouse style pine bedsides by Rebecca Meredith at Upcycled by M

Or if the natural beauty and warmth of wood is your style, then this piece by Jennifer McCullagh at Upainted will definitely appeal.

There’s so much more to show you and discuss in the realm of vintage-inspired, eco-conscious bedrooms, the possibilities are boundless, and we're here to fuel your imagination.

So this blog about vintage and upcycled bedroom furniture is only part one.

When part two is published, we’ll link it here for you.

In the meantime, why not take a moment to discover the current offerings from a community of furniture artists, upcyclers, and refurbishers who are ready to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life?

All members are well-versed in the art of interior design, and are well-equipped to guide you through the selection of anchor pieces, colour schemes, and fabric choices.

Whether you’re after a breathtaking ready-made masterpiece or a custom creation tailored exclusively to you, our collective of artisans spans the UK and the States, ensuring the perfect match for your needs.

Unleash your creativity, embrace your personal style, and fearlessly design a bedroom that echoes your true essence.

Remember, your bedroom should be a space that transcends mere functionality—it’s your sanctuary and a place where your authentic self finds solace.

We hope you feel inspired to create the bedroom of your dreams. ........

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