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Artist in the Spotlight - Georgina Green, Gracie's Attic

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

There are so many beautiful items of furniture that just need some love and a little artistry.”

Georgina Green – Gracie’s Attic

Gracie’s attic is a small, family-run, web-based, upcycled furniture business based in West Yorkshire and headed by the wonderfully talented Georgina Green.

Georgina studied Fine Art at university before taking her career in a different direction. But redundancy in 2017 allowed her to return to her first love, and what started as something of a hobby is now a full-time job and a thriving business.

Although, you could argue Georgina was always destined for a career in the arts in one form or another, as both her mother and grandmother were gifted artists.

Often using repeated motifs and delicate wood overlays, Georgina’s style has been perfected over the last five years and is inspired by Parisian Art Deco and Modernist influences.

She cleverly fuses Deco and Nouveau designs with pieces from different periods, successfully crossing the boundaries between traditional and functional furniture design and creating pieces that are beautiful to look at and entirely relevant to contemporary living and modern homes.

The sustainability aspect of her art is paramount to Georgina, and she is passionate about giving vintage or retro furniture a new lease of life.

As she explains, “There are so many beautiful items of furniture that just need some love and a little artistry.

Taking great care and paying careful attention to detail, I want to provide you with an exceptional item to enhance your home.”

So, if you’d like to know more about Georgina, and Gracie’s Attic, including some of her previous transformations and information about commissions, you can find links to her socials and website here.

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